• Evan Ryan

Clarity Generates Confidence

Hello, everybody busy day busy weekend. So I'm recording a podcast from the car. And today, I'm thinking a lot about building an audience. I'm thinking a lot about the phenomenon of kind of going underground to learning a lot, and then popping your head back up after two or three or four years and saying, Hey, everybody, here's what I learned, I can't wait to start building an audience, I can't wait to start helping you, I can't wait to start providing you value. And I think

I think it's really important to note that it took me two or three or four years to learn a lot of the things that I'm learning, but every single one of those things, I learned the absolute hardest way possible. But at the time, it seemed like it was the absolute hardest way possible. And ultimately, for me, I this is still happening every week and for you, if it feels like you just don't have these things figured out yet, or there's just not enough clarity in your life, you don't have that confidence to know that what you're talking about, or what you're thinking about, or this idea that you have is going to work. I think it's just try and fail and try and fail. And sometimes try to figure out all of the ways that you could fail. And in figuring out all the ways that something could go wrong, you'll discover the strategy to make it go right and, and so today, I was on a call earlier today, which is really what sparked this, this thought about how do you write a book really fast. And I had not only been given the playbook for how to write a book really fast and make the book read well and make it get it out in front of the right people and get a lot of people either downloading it or buying it or just reading it in general. And when I first did it, it took me like 120 hours to write a book, like a 60 page book, I thought, my goodness, there's got to be a better way. And so over time, I just kept trying and failing on Well, how can you write content faster? How can you make this content? Kind of better, faster? How can you get it there faster, easier, cheaper, bigger, right? And so it was just try and fail and try and fail. I've now written three books, I'm going to write a fourth book literally, quite literally, in one day, I will write a fourth book. And it will be the best book that we have written so far. But with everything from writing, to Pinterest, to AI to publishing content for newspapers, to building news wires to little tips and tricks to automate your life, I think everything that I've done has been try and fail and try and fail and try and fail. And so for you, what things are you trying and failing at the most? What things are you thinking about where you're just like, wow, I do not have the confidence? I do not have the clarity here? And how can you purposefully fail a couple more times, I purposefully fail five to 10 more times in the next month at doing that thing, because every time you purposefully fail, I think you're gonna fail less and less and less, at least that's what I find for me is every failure gets closer and closer and closer to success. And as long as you can see that you're getting closer to success, that you're learning faster that you're able to do things a little bit faster, or a little bit cheaper or a little bit easier. I think you'll find that those successes, those things that can really help people, those new product ideas, new business models are going to are going to be really successful. Because you've really iterated on it and you trust it the process. So have a great day, everyone. We'll chat again very, very soon.

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