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How I automated the building of my email list

And how I build my email list

Abundat is an AI company, so we better eat our own cooking.   Internally, one of our primary focuses is automating repeatable tasks.  Instead of hiring more people, we offload to software.  This is a huge net-benefit to the company.  We both save time and create a culture where everyone feels like their work matters.

It's hard to motivate a team member who spends their time doing data entry all day no matter how strong the mission.  

So, for repeatable tasks, we use Zapier.  Zapier connects apps and services you already use together.  

So, when I post on Instagram (@youraiguy), Zapier posts that on Pinterest.  

When a new Surge customer signs up, Zapier sends an autoresponder email that includes a link to a data collection form to the email associated with the Stripe charge. Once that form is completed, Zapier sends my team an email having them personally follow up with the new customer.  

When this blog post publishes, Zapier automatically publishes it to my LinkedIn.  

When someone sends me an email, Zapier adds that email address to my email list.

Here's how this works.  I connect Zapier to my Outlook (Office 365) account.  As long as the email isn't something like "" it gets added to my list.  

Then, the next morning, a new subscriber is sent an email that looks similar to this, saying "Hey, I run an AI company.  You emailed me, so you must be interested, here's how you can automate part of your life starting right now!"  It's surprisingly effective.  

This brings me to something that requires a longer post than this one sentence, but is important to reiterate.  The best AI is a little human creativity and a little code.  It's making sure data flows properly to do super simple, repeatable tasks.  

So, how can you get started?  

First, check out Zapier.  It's super cool.  

Second, think about tasks you do more than once per month.  Those are tasks prime for automation.  If you send the same email every week, you cross-publish content on social, or you run reports from your CMS or CRM, those can be automated and sent to your inbox.  


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