• Evan Ryan

How to be successful on Pinterest

Authentic content

The best content is the most authentic content.

Often, I am faced with a prospect or client thinking that they’re brand isn’t a “Pinterest brand."

When Pinterest was started, it most certainly was home decor, do it yourself, or fashion.

Now, however, with over 400 million people on the platform every month, Pinterest is about matching the inspiration seeker with the inspiration source.

Every business with more than one customer is an inspiration source. At the end of the day, in order to get those customers, someone who did not know you had to be inspired enough by your story and by your purpose in order to write a check for your product.

Most businesses have content. This content might go on Facebook, Instagram, your website, blog, press releases, or any other communication mechanism.

That content should live on Pinterest.

That content which has already been created an already been distributed should be distributed it again.

If not for any purpose other than to get your brand presents out in front of more people. More potential customers. More inspiration seekers.

If you don’t have any content created, let me tell you a story about how well authentic Content really does play.

With a customer, we built a strong Petras community. This customer was getting over 300,000 people viewing her brand content every single month.

At the beginning of February, we posted a pin that was very clearly aimed at the holiday season. Specifically, the holiday season from two months prior.

Meach got over 500 website visitors on this pin... in February

Her community was so strong, and her brand presence was so strong, that she got over 500 new website visitors in three days.

In February.

The actual photo? It took about 30 seconds to take, and it took another five minutes to edit.

Now, was the photo geared towards a Pinterest audience specifically, absolutely it was. But those types of outlier cases prove that the average pin can and should be authentic.