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How to be successful on Pinterest

Authentic content

The best content is the most authentic content.

Often, I am faced with a prospect or client thinking that they’re brand isn’t a “Pinterest brand."

When Pinterest was started, it most certainly was home decor, do it yourself, or fashion.

Now, however, with over 400 million people on the platform every month, Pinterest is about matching the inspiration seeker with the inspiration source.

Every business with more than one customer is an inspiration source. At the end of the day, in order to get those customers, someone who did not know you had to be inspired enough by your story and by your purpose in order to write a check for your product.

Most businesses have content. This content might go on Facebook, Instagram, your website, blog, press releases, or any other communication mechanism.

That content should live on Pinterest.

That content which has already been created an already been distributed should be distributed it again.

If not for any purpose other than to get your brand presents out in front of more people. More potential customers. More inspiration seekers.

If you don’t have any content created, let me tell you a story about how well authentic Content really does play.

With a customer, we built a strong Petras community. This customer was getting over 300,000 people viewing her brand content every single month.

At the beginning of February, we posted a pin that was very clearly aimed at the holiday season. Specifically, the holiday season from two months prior.

Meach got over 500 website visitors on this pin... in February

Her community was so strong, and her brand presence was so strong, that she got over 500 new website visitors in three days.

In February.

The actual photo? It took about 30 seconds to take, and it took another five minutes to edit.

Now, was the photo geared towards a Pinterest audience specifically, absolutely it was. But those types of outlier cases prove that the average pin can and should be authentic.

So, whatever content is authentic to you into your business, can go on Pinterest. With the right community, you’ll inspire your audience.

Values-Based Community

Everyone wants the perfect customer.

What makes a perfect customer?

Is it that they pay checks without asking questions?

Is it that they just seem to “get it?”

Is it that every time you have a conversation with them, the conversation just seems to work? It just flows well?

We most certainly have those customers in our business as well. In fact, we work as hard as we can to only have those customers.

What we found, is that those customers are customers who have similar values as we do.

Those customers, like we do, have big ambition. They are generous first. They understand that things take time, but that the power of compounding results will lead them to bigger success than they thought possible.

In short, our ambitions align, our timelines align, and our mutual drive for success aligns.

We go through an extraordinary amount of work to make sure that our clients match these values for us.

When we market for our clients on Pinterest, we do the same for them.

Great website landing pages

A landing page can be a blog post, and opt in page, a sales page, or anything in between. The only thing that matters, is that the experience of the landing page is similar to the experience of the pin, itself. Authentic.

I think people put a little too much stock into having the perfect opt in page or the perfect landing page. Everything can be tested.

If you are looking for a certain option rate, and you aren't getting it, you can make a change and then see how it plays out.

If you are looking to make more sales, and you aren't finding that people from Pinterest or any other source are purchasing your products, you can make a change the way that you present your products. You can add social proof. You can add a more vibrant description.

Everything about Pinterest and landing pages is measurable. Is there more or less engagement? Is there more or less time on the page? Are there more or fewer subscribers?

Some great measuring tools are tools like Google Analytics and HotJar. These will give you a more complete view of how people view your website.

The importance of a great landing page it's not the fact that it is great. It is the fact that it is the best that you can deliver, at the time, with continual measurement and improvement.


I will tell you this much for certain. Our success on Pinterest is due, almost entirely to the fact that we are consistent. We post every single day. Without fail.

You have a great website, your blog starts crushing it, and you move up to the top page of Google. Then, you stop publishing blog posts. One, two, or three years later, you might find yourself in the third or the fourth page of Google.

It works the same with Pinterest. Steady content equals steady user growth.

Consistency in pinning equals consistency in website traffic.

We post at least 15 times per day per client. To be quite frank, we feel it is one of the most key aspects to our strategy.

Often times, we see a customer have unbelievable results, and then they feel like they can achieve the same or better results on their own. Will check in two or three months later, and most of the time, their Pinterest engagement has decreased by 50% or more. A large part of that is because our strategy is simple, it's authentic, it is doing things the right way.

Most importantly it is doing things the right way with consistency.

If you can pin content every single day, you can crush it on Pinterest.


On Facebook and Instagram, often times your contact will live on the field for 24 hours. Maybe less.

On Pinterest, sometimes it can take up to two weeks for your content to even begin to be viewed.

Content on Pinterest lives quite a bit longer than content on other social platforms. We have had Content get hundreds of website visitors in a month that was pinned quite literally 12 months prior.

Just like you could find a blog post from 2018 on the top page of Google, people can find pins from 2018 on their feeds from Pinterest.

Remember, Pinterest's goal is to match inspiration seekers with inspiration sources. If your content is an inspiration source, you'll be seeing no matter the time.

At Yavay, we get thousands of new website visitors per month for our clients using just Pinterest. If you'd like our complete strategy, head to and get our free book. It's complete with our daily strategy, examples on how to create great pins fast, and best practices for converting those website visitors into customers.

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