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How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Integrating Pinterest marketing into your overall business strategy can be a year-long initiative. Some users have a difficult time creating a Pinterest business account. Drop us a line below if this was helpful!

If you already have a personal Pinterest account

You don’t need to create a new account! In the top right corner of your home page, click “Settings,” then “Account Settings” and scroll to the bottom. You’ll find “Convert to Business Account.” Then, you’ll be good to go!

Create your Pinterest Business account

Your browser, head to Click “Create a business account.” Add your name, email, age, and any other information they require.

Increase your website traffic from your right-fit audience.

Selecting the topics you’re interested in seems like it’s unimportant. This is one of the most important steps.

Take the topics of your ideal customer. demographic. Who would you love to serve the most? What interests do those types of people have? Those are the topics that you are interested in.

If you would like to increase your website traffic from bloggers, for example, you should only select the topics your bloggers are interested in.


Because you and they share the same interests. Your interest is in their success. Their interest is in whatever they blog.

If you serve athletes, your interests are health, wellness, recovery, exercise and healthy eating.

Pinterest is not a standard social network like Facebook or Instagram. It’s a search engine. People interested in the topics you’re interested in will become the same people who see your content. They’ll be the same people that you want to attract as clientele.

Verify your website

This is oftentimes the hardest part, but this is definitely the most important part of creating a successful Pinterest for Business account. Without a verified website, Pinterest will not take your site seriously.

This is similar to adding Google Analytics into your website. For a guide on getting started with Google Analytics, click here.

Take it from us. We had a client who had C+ content, a very very small niche, and a verified website.

We had another client with A+ content, a huge niche (women’s fashion) but no verified website.

After 90 days, our client with a verified website had 125,000 monthly brand impressions and over 250 website visitors each month from Pinterest.

Our client without a verified website? 25,000 brand impressions, 0 website visitors.

They’ll give you a line of code to enter into the header of your website. It may look intimidating, but it’s actually super easy.

Here is the Pinterest documentation. I think it may be easier to select your website provider below.

1. Wordpress

2. SquareSpace

3. Wix

4. Shopify

5. Any other site provider: Google Search “How to add Pinterest meta tag to [Your Website Provider]”

Create 5-10 boards that work match your interests

Start repinning content! Repin (Save) other people’s content to your boards immediately. This is where you’ll take the top 5 qualities in your customers that you value most, and you’ll turn them into board names. So, if you sell a healthy-eating plan:

1. Healthy eating

2. Healthy lifestyle

3. Mindfulness

4. Live your best life

5. Making healthy delicious

And this is where you’ll want to save other peoples’ content. We recommend 5-10 pieces of content saved per day to these boards.

It’ll tell Pinterest “this is who I am,” “this is what I believe in” and “I really want to inspire people who care about these topics.”

Create a board on your profile

Edit your board to add more information about what your board is about!

Save content directly to that board from day 1

Create 3-5 boards that best exemplify your brand and who you are

This is where you’ll post all of your brand’s content. If your company name is “MyCo” and you’re looking for customers interested in healthy eating, we recommend naming it “MyCo: Healthy Eating.”

You don’t need to repin/save any content to this board. You do, however, need to post 3-5 pieces of your own content here each day.

Why we chose Pinterest for Business

In early 2019, we were marketing a mobile app and we were having a lot of success on Facebook and on Instagram, but we weren’t driving app downloads. The only thing that was happening was that we were getting new followers. While we were getting new followers at an increasing rate, ultimately, what we needed was we need an app downloads. So, after evaluating our options, we decided we would try to expand our brand presents on Pinterest.

After 60 days, we had over 2 million brand impressions on our app downloads had gone through the roof. We had clearly found the platform that was going to spread our brand presents the farthest in the fastest, and part of the magic was that people could access our app download page directly from the pin. On Facebook on Instagram, it was very difficult for people to find links. “Swipe up” in the story was new on Instagram, and on Facebook the algorithm was making it difficult for even people who liked our page to see content we were publishing.

We immediately divested from Facebook and from a Instagram for this business, and we put all of our resources into growing our Pinterest presents. Over the course of the next several months, not only have we grow in our Pinterest presence and taking the number of app downloads went through the roof, but we have also begun to help other entrepreneurs. To put it simply, we feel that driving great website traffic is too expensive. We thought that other entrepreneurs might be able to use this platform just as much as we do.

Over the last almost 2 years, we have helped more entrepreneurs than we ever thought that we could help drive more website traffic than we ever thought we could drive. Now, many of our entrepreneurs are driving hundreds or thousands of new website visitors every single month, for a fraction of what they would pay for Facebook or Instagram ads.

When we started, it was about helping ourselves first and entrepreneurs second. Now, it’s about helping our clients first. We believe Pinterest to be the future of brand growth.


If your Pinterest marketing strategy starts with creating a Pinterest business account, make sure you pay attention to the interests that you select and verifying your website. Then, you can add a profile picture and get pinning!


At Yavay, we think getting right-fit, organic website traffic is too expensive. Yavay Surge uses Pinterest to build a community of people who share your values, and we use state-of-the-art Pinterest strategy to crush it on your website.

Our clients see thousands of new website visitors each month from Pinterest, all with minimal effort on their part.

To learn more about Yavay Surge, email or head over to

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