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How to Write a Blog Post in 15 Minutes

seconds and cents Episode 24. Today is Monday, August 24. I'm coming off of like no sleep because for some reason I couldn't get to sleep last night till four o'clock in the morning. So we're all going to be in this together here. And last week I only recorded one podcast episode. We've just got a lot going on at yahveh. We've got a lot going on. We've got a lot going on and our sales processes we've got a lot going on in terms of lead AI in terms of some really exciting stuff going on with lead AI, you know, with our core lead AI product. The high school sports is just totally up in the air because of Coronavirus. And so we're all sitting here just kind of like waiting around for governments to say yes or no high school sports will be played. Thankfully in Ohio they will be played. So just a lot of things are in flex. We've got some collaborations that are progressing quite quickly. We're seeing some results and some great collaborations and learning faster and faster each day as well.

Failing faster and faster each day to

But dry on a previous podcast that's just tuition dollars. So what are we going to talk about today? And this is something that I've been working on quite a bit lately. If you pay attention to the yabe site, the Ave co why APA Why?

But I've been talking, this is not a second time or the third time I've talked about, I'm going to continue talking about it again. And again, how do you write a blog post in 15 minutes? So blog posts are one of the best ways to boost SEO, they're one of the best ways to get yourself on the top page of Google or on the second page of Google, right? They really boost your site ranking, they really boost your social proof, they really boost your validation in terms of well, is this company legit? Is this a company that I should answer my credit card information for? Is this a company that I should be doing business with? Or are they just kind of a one off company where you know,

who knows what they're gonna do a good job? Is it worth if I pay them a monthly fee to manage my Pinterest account? Right? Can they create a great blog content, this is something that we also add into our leads that follow

As books so we have a new ebook out, you can download it absolutely for free if you had to sta RT dot yabe. co. And this is all about how we drive thousands of leads per month it's called leads not followers, how to convert friend attention into revenue, just thousands of website visitors and how do you convert those website visitors into revenue? It's jam packed full of examples and information. I highly, highly recommend that you download it. It's like 80 or 90 pages. It's our entire playbook that we charge our customers for. And I hope it really helps a lot of entrepreneurs succeed. Okay, so how do you do a blog post at 15 minutes first, first, you pick a theme. So what do you want to write about? So one of my latest blog posts was about well, what is Pinterest Pinterest is a search engine. It is not a social media platform. People think it's social media, but it's really not. But I wanted to pick a theme. My theme was what is Pinterest and then I picked five sub themes. So these are kind of my sub headers. You're gonna

sense a sense, a kind of a pattern, because this is also what I do for my podcasts, I pick one overarching topic. And then I'll have three to five sub themes that I'll talk about inside of the podcast. If you hear me say, moving on or the next thing, that's because I've, I've hit one sub theme, and now I'm heading to the next one. So I'll pick a theme for the blog post, I'll pick five sub themes. Why do I choose five? First of all, it's a nice round number. Second of all, you know, the average great blog post is between

750 and 1300 words up to 1600 to 2000 words, and that's a lot of content. And so what I found is that three sub themes just doesn't do the trick, at least for me, where I typically try to get straight to the point. I don't like to mince words. I like to be very concise. I don't like to read a lot. When I do read and I don't like to write a lot when I do write, I want to just ask

no fluff, boom, we're getting to the point, get your information and lead, go back to your life. So pick a theme pick five sub themes. And those five sub sub themes helped me get to that 600 and 1300 words. I've also found to be quite honest that it helps me flesh out the idea a little bit more. Sometimes I'll repeat a theme twice, just using different words. And I'll actually get more and more detailed more and more content out of it. Number two, so break out your Notes app on your phone, iPhone or Android breakout your Notes app and use dictation. This is the key to writing a 1300 word blog post in 15 minutes. When I was just starting to write blog posts, this was a couple of weeks ago, I was just starting to say well, maybe I should boost my SEO ranking. Maybe we should start to get a little bit more serious about how we handle our inbound traffic out yabe one of the things that's funny is, and this is a classic, a classic marketers kind of dilemma is you spend your whole day marketing for people you don't want to market to yourself. It's like when you go to the barber shop

And the barbers wearing a hat. Because, you know, your barber spends all day working with hair, they don't necessarily want to work with their own hair. And so we got serious about our inbound traffic a couple of weeks ago, because we realized just how big the market was. For Pinterest, we realized just how important it was that we help as many people as we can see, we've started publishing more and more blog posts. And my first blog post, it was about 750 words, it took me I'm not kidding, three hours to write it, because you know, I was writing it and then I would type a sentence. And now I realized that I wanted to type that sentence better. And then when I typed that sentence better now I had to undo all of the work that I just done, retype it, and then I iterate over and over and over again. And then you get to the bottom of the blog post in the New START proofreading the blog post, and then you're iterating all over again, right. And so I was just in this constant cycle of iteration it was just, I wanted to beat my head against the wall. So what I said the second time, as I said, there's just got to be a better way. So I broke out my number

WhatsApp on my phone. I typed in my five sub themes. So I picked my theme I typed in my five sub themes. And then I put the cursor underneath each sub theme. And I would use dictation, you know, on iPhone, your keyboard is up, and then there's a little microphone button in the top or the bottom right corner. And that is where your dictation is. And I did that it was so easy. So here's kind of a couple of the keys to dictation. First and foremost, do not watch your phone as it dictates, it changes words left and right based off of what you continue to say. So it might get a word wrong originally, but it'll change it later once it realizes what you actually met. Second, you can say things like period, or comma or new line or semi colon, and all of a sudden it'll add new lines. So what I like to do in my blog posts, I like a lot of one sentence paragraphs and two sentence paragraphs. So I might say Pinterest is not a social media platform. So my colon

It's a search engine period, new line, new line. And now I've written a one sentence paragraph.

So you can use exclamation point question mark quote, open quote, close quote, open parenthesis, close parenthesis, you can use all of these words, and it will put them into the text for you. I've also found that when I use dictation I sound quite a bit better, I sound quite a bit more natural. And when I read through my blog posts, it actually reads and flows quite a bit nicer. I think stream of consciousness wins. I record all of my podcast stream of consciousness. I don't think I've ever actually edited a podcast episode, kind of what you hear is what you got on the first try. And that's because I think it's what what's most raw is the most authentic content. It's the most real content. It's the most true content. And one of the things that I've found is that it forces you to really know your stuff to really be able to bring back the

Content bring back the material on a moment's notice. And when you're being asked a question when your guests on a podcast or you're being interviewed, when you're being asked a question by a customer by a prospect by a collaborator, right, you already have all of those talking points ingrained in your mind because what you did for your blog content was you use your stream of consciousness thoughts, and then you solidified it through that stream of consciousness. Okay, so number three, what have we done so far, by the way, we've picked a theme, we've picked our five sub themes, we've written our five sub themes into our phone Notes app, and we have dictated our thoughts on each of those five sub themes. And using our phone, we've used words like new line and period and comma, and we've allowed our phone to actually do the dictation for us to do the writing for us. You don't have to be the typer of the blog posts, you've just have to be the author of the blog post. So it's a huge, huge, huge

distinction here, let your phone type. Also, if you think about just communication inputs and outputs, in general, it's way faster for you to speak than it is for you to type. So if you can allow your phone to do the typing for you, now you're getting, you're getting so much more done and so much less time. I mean, I'm about to do this right now. I'm about to write two or three blog posts right now. I'm so excited about this idea. I just think it's an amazing business process. Okay, number three, copy and paste into your blog editor or Microsoft Word. So copy and paste the blog that you just dictated into either WordPress or Wix or Squarespace or into Microsoft Word, depending on where you want to keep your blog content. Now, if you're on iPhone, what I recommend is you either if you're on iPhone with a Mac, just email it to yourself or airdrop it. It's so easy, you can airdrop it directly to your Mac and then boom, you're in the game, Android or PC just emailed a note to yourself it you can either copy the whole note and paste it into the email box.

Or you could just email the note and it'll, it'll allow you to open it in a text file, and you can copy it into Word or into your blog editor. It's so easy. So now all of a sudden, you haven't had to rely on any computer hardware. So far, if you don't have a computer, and they use post everything from your phone or from an iPad, you don't even have to do that you just copy and go. Number four, you add photos, three to five photos. And what I recommend is I recommend saving all of your blog photos to one folder. That way, what you can do is you can go back to those same photos over and over again, you can add your SEO to the same photos over and over again. And what it'll allow you to do is allow you to post more blog content faster. is Google going to possibly not rank duplicate photo as highly if it's been used three or four times in a blog post? Maybe. But ultimately, it's not about whether or not the photo quality is amazing. It's about are you providing the right value? So the reader is it's about are you allowing the reader to

really understand what it is that you're talking about and what it is that you're passionate about. And so if you have one photo that just crushes every time people just they see it and they go, aha, then post it 45678 910 times address to add your metadata, add those key terms that you're looking to use, add your photo metadata. Those are huge. tell Google what this photo is. This is about Pinterest as a Pinterest dash as dash, a dash search dash engine, tell Google what's going on here. And then hit Publish. So you're done. You edited it, you you dictated it, you edit it, you add your photos, and you did all this in less than 15 minutes. One of the things that I want to just kind of

bring to your attention as well is how I translate or transpose I guess,

transpose my podcasts. So I record a podcast using my computer and using zoom. I literally

I've opened zoom, I hit record. And now all of a sudden I have video content. And I have audio content. And I have what will be blog content. Now how do I get blog content, what we do is we take zoom, and we take the video recording, and we upload it to otter Ott a Ott er, like the

otter translates it, it puts it into text, and then we copy, we paste the text we put it into, we put it into our blogs. And that allows us so if anybody is hard at hearing, they can read the blogs, right. And it allows us to just continue to flush out our ideas continue to drive website traffic to great spots. And so you can either use your Notes app to dictate or you can use a paid service. And you can do it that way where you just record audio on your voice memos app or you report audio anywhere. You just have to record audio, you upload it and then it'll do the dictation for you.

So thank you very much. I hope you have a great day. I'm really excited about writing a blog post in 15 minutes we're going to talk and probably a couple of weeks about how you can write a book in less than 20 hours. full book in less than 20 hours. Just trust me on that. I've done three of them so far this year. Have a great day and I will chat with you again soon.

The above is an AI transcription of Evan’s Seconds and Cents podcast.

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