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Our Journey to Pinterest Marketing

Are you looking to integrate Pinterest marketing into your business?

Are you looking to understand what businesses succeed on Pinterest and what businesses only waste their time on Pinterest?

I started a mobile app development company. Now, we help companies succeed on Pinterest. If we, a former mobile app company, can succeed on Pinterest, so can you.

it all started because we were marketing a mobile app that we had built in partnership with a client, to help bring mindfulness into each individual's everyday life. Our goal was to drive as many app downloads as we could without spending any money on advertising.

We wanted our growth to be organic. We didn't have a vendetta against advertising, but at the end of the day, we wanted to find a really sustainable way to grow our userbase.

We were having success growing are following on Facebook on Instagram, but at the end of the day, people were liking our posts and they were following us, but they weren't downloading the app. We were finding it extraordinarily difficult to drive people to the website in order to download the app.

So, primarily out of frustration, and we turned to Pinterest. We thought that maybe it would be the platform that allowed us to drive real website traffic that drove real downloads.

60 days later, we had more website traffic than we had had in the previous six months combined. We had over 2 million brand impressions. We had grown our number of app downloads by more app downloads than we had since launching the app.

We immediately realized that we could help more people as a company drive website traffic through Pinterest than we could by building them a mobile app.

So, we started Surge. Our way of helping customers drive organic website traffic using Pinterest.

Most entrepreneurs know how great a tool Google can be to drive website traffic. That website traffic, then, can turn into sales, revenue, and ultimately, profit from brand advocates.

We discovered that any business could succeed on Pinterest, and they could succeed in a similar way as they do on Google. The key, however, was they could succeed faster on Pinterest than they could on Google.

So, we spent 18 months learning all of the different ways to help a business succeed in growing their organic website traffic using Pinterest. We worked with bloggers, we worked with E Commerce websites, we worked with financial services companies, we worked with insurance companies, we worked with education companies, we worked with technology companies, we worked with pretty much any type of company we could.

What we found was that any company can succeed on Pinterest if they have a brand that inspires.

the most important thing that matters to Pinterest his “Are you helping our users be more inspired?” See, like Google takes an information seeker and matches it with the source of the information, Pinterest takes an inspiration seeker and matches it with an inspiration source.

The businesses that succeed on Pinterest are the ones that truly are the source of inspiration.

Now, can any business be inspiring? Can even the most boring business be inspiring?

Well, does that business have customers now? If so, then our opinion is that there is an audience for that business.

That business clearly inspired enough people to stay open. It’s the business’ job to find more right-fit prospects for that business to be inspired the same way their current customers are inspired.

Our Business

So, a mobile app development company turns into Pinterest consulting company, what is your business like?

Our aim is to help our clients drive as much website traffic as they can. Impressions are an interesting metric, but we typically treat them as a leading indicator of success. We do not treat them as a definition of success.

We decided very early on that we wanted the business to be accessible to all entrepreneurs, no commitment, and no time investment on their part outside of creating content they would already create for other social platforms.

We even decided that we did not want to bog our customers down with update meetings unless they wanted an update.

Overall, what we wanted was to become our customers Pinterest team. They outsource Pinterest to us, and they know that we are going to do right by them. For them, they don't need to spend a lot of time and energy working on it, they don't need to give it a lot of brainpower, they can just trust that we have it taken care of for them.

Our customers have loved it.

we had more customers in our first year in business then We had customers in the rest of our business combined since it was open.

Our customers are staying with us for a very long time.

our customers prefer our communication mechanisms of only reaching out if we need something, and not filling up their calendar with wasted meetings.

The biggest key? We often drive hundreds, or thousands of new website visitors to their websites every month.

Our customers’ journeys on Pinterest

Most of our customers do not even have a Pinterest account when they sign up with us. Their goal is simple: get more website traffic and get more sales.

We schedule an initial meeting to coach them on how the next several months will go.

We create a Pinterest account with them, we coach that on the important things. Things like selecting your topics that you're interested in, creating boards, telling Pinterest what your boards mean, and beginning 2 save other peoples’ content to your boards.

We help them verify their website with Pinterest.

We give them access to be able to send content that they create to us.

From there, we take care of it.

So, we have identified the values and the interests that the client has for themselves.

We've identified the values and interests the client has for their clients.

From here, our intention is to be out of sight and out of mind. their lives haven't really changed. The only difference is they spend a little more time on customer fulfillment and a little more time adding new customers into their CRM. This is because of all the new website traffic that we have sent 

We may schedule follow up calls for 30 or 60 days from now, and if the client would like a higher-touch engagement, we will schedule a call for 14 to 21 days from now . We will review how their account is doing, we will review their content, and we will review what it looks like over the next 60 to 90 days.

The client can ask any questions, make any suggestions, and drive any decision-making they’d like.


Beyond that, our intention is to not materially impact our clients time. Our intention for the client is to make sure that they are spending the time doing the things that they love to do and the things that they are best at.

We are great at driving website traffic through Pinterest, and we’ll take care of that for you; we want you to do what you’re best at.

For clients who don't want us to manage their entire account, we have written A book that details our entire Pinterest strategy. You can get it here.

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