• Evan Ryan

Our Vivid Vision

Seconds and Cents. All right, Episode 18. Today we're going to talk about the product vision for search kind of what's, what's the vision for the company as a whole right now Yavay is broken up into two parts, we have Lede AI, right, which helps newspapers helps news publishers, it helps just publishers in general, as they cover more sporting events as they cover more content, and they cover more content at a smaller cost. And we have the search component, the search component is primarily driving traffic to our clients websites through Pinterest. It's helping our clients utilize content they already have in order to create a larger impact inside of their business. And so what's my hope for the listener? What's my hope for you? It's that you listen to our vision, you listen to the vision for Yavay for Surge, and you think about the vision for your projects, your questions, Spark, right, I think, I hope it's ultimately interesting that what you like to hear is, is our vision, but I hope that

You see the the vision is pretty vivid. It's a really easy thing to see. And in your mind's eye, and ultimately, you as an entrepreneur, you as somebody who's growing your business, as somebody who is in the throes of the business every single day, can think about, well, what is the product vision that I have for my business? What is the product vision that I have for this product line? And how do I ultimately want to serve the customers? Right? So it starts by saying, Well, what is Surge Really? So in order to understand what the vision is, you have to really understand what the product is. And the product is the education and implementation of lead generation on Pinterest. So we do two things. First, we educate our clients on what is Pinterest, how does Pinterest work? What types of content works really well on Pinterest? How should you think about Pinterest relative to Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and LinkedIn and Google and kind of how can you build a strategy that drives a ton of traffic

to your website, it drives a ton of leads to your website. But it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to do it. And ultimately, it doesn't take up all of your time. And so what we aim to do is we aim to help brands break through the noise, and ultimately drive website traffic at a higher conversion rate than what advertising would do. So we help brands, primarily business to consumer brands, really drive through the noise break through the noise to get all of this traffic to their site. There are 300 and 50 million people on Pinterest every month, we only need a small fraction of them to enter our clients sites and our clients cash flow increases, right? And if we can do it at a far higher rate than ads, well, now you're helping entrepreneurs go farther faster, you're helping them succeed faster, you're helping them get to the points that they would already get to but they're getting into a an easier and faster way. It's really smart money that they're bringing in. And so we educate our clients. Well, what do you need to know about Pinterest? If you were to do this on your own, what would it be?

Look like what's the playbook and then we also help them implement. We help them just do it, we take care of a lot of the Pinterest strategy for them. Ultimately, at the end of the day, all we asked our clients for is we ask our clients for the freshest content and the freshest brand voice that they have. And they update their blog, they update their website. But ultimately, what we really need is we just need them to do what they do best, which is, be themselves be their brand, be their content. And then we will take care of finding the right fit client for them, finding that right fit website traffic and getting them to go from Pinterest to their website. So what's our goal? Well, our goal in every aspect of the business in every aspect of every business that we enter our goal and just in absolutely everything that we do is my personal goal, which is we allow entrepreneurs to do only what they love to do. So our goal here is to create a solution that makes it so easy for the entrepreneur to just tell us hey, here's what

I need done and we'll be able to do it for him, we already have a solution to drive leads, we already have a solution to convert on those leads, we already have a solution to create blog posts or do whatever else they need to do, right. And so what we want to do is we want to kind of be the back office, we want to be the backstage for entrepreneurs, that way entrepreneurs can do only what they want to do. And this comes from my own personal yearning, of wanting to do only what I want to do. For my entire life. I've only ever wanted to do things that I think are fun. I have always rejected the notion that you have to do things that you don't like to do. That, to me doesn't make any sense. How could I figure out how to live a life where in my entire life in every aspect of my professional life, my personal life, my self care, and anything that I do, how can I make it so that I'm only doing things that I really want to do and things that are going to really benefit me and I don't spend any time doing things that I don't think are fun or things that I don't think will necessarily benefit me?

Really my unique ability here, the thing that I love to do the most is I love to simplify and codify patterns in the world. So I like to take patterns that exist in the world and figure out well, how can you codify that? How can you kind of take these several patterns that all of humanity seems to seems to follow? How can you simplify that and make that something that's really easy to understand? I hope that comes through in the podcast, really, in the podcast, what I want to do is just kind of take the experiences that I've had, the things that I see the things that I understand, and help simplify them down so that entrepreneurs as they're trying to manage all that complexity, they can kind of see clarity in the noise, right? But really, if I could spend my entire day simplifying and codifying patterns The best example of this being when we were doing lead AI when we originally started lead AI. The task that I was given was I need you to figure out how to teach a computer how to write an article about high school sports. It was actually how can you write an article about high school football, it was only

By the way, you not only need to teach a computer to do it, but it has to be ready to go in six weeks. And I had, it was just such a wonderful six weeks, it felt like I went to work every day. And I was just, it was just so much fun. It was like Christmas morning every single day figuring out well, how does a football game work? And how does an article work? And how could you combine an article in a football game to make something that a computer could do? And then once a computer could do it? Well, what are the ways that you can make variants on it? So you can maybe write more than one article. And so maybe instead of only writing one type of an article, you could write 20 types of an article. And then what if you could write each of the 20 types of an article 1000 different ways? Well, now all of a sudden, we had something that was really interesting. And so that's what I absolutely love to do. And my goal inside of my personal business for myself is I only want to do that. I only want to find solutions that are like that, that help a lot of people that help a lot of entrepreneurs

all the time ultimately free themselves up to do what they love to do. So one of the things that I don't like

I like to do, right. I don't like to do hu