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Real Life Update

Seconds and Cents Episode 30 it's the podcast This is presented by me, Evan.

Today, it's just gonna be real life updates. You know, it's we've done this is our 30th episode. I'm super excited that we've made it 30 whole episodes together

and this is just sort of a real life update what's actually happening let's get away from the theory for a second. Get away from the experiences that I've had in the past that led me to where I am or the things that I'm thinking about that I think could really help other entrepreneurs just sort of context for everything else context for what's really happening in my life. How do I really view the world right now you know, it's Coronavirus City everywhere. We've got the election going on in the United States which is just the most delightful experience I've been a part of in a long time.

This is September 11 September 11th This is the 19 year anniversary of the attacks. This is September 11 2020. Real Life updates, what's really going on?

First we have the business we have the two business units that we have right now our lead AI they and surge. Lead AI is our product for writing newspaper articles about sports. We use AI to write newspaper articles about sports. And you know, it was kind of a turbulent couple of months, because we thought that there could be no high school sports due to Coronavirus to the COVID I don't like saying COVID I'm just gonna stop.

I don't really know why I don't like saying but we thought there are gonna be no high school sports. Turns out a lot of states have high school sports. And so we have more clients this year for LEED AI than we've ever had before.

I think the outlook for LEED AI is very strong. I am very excited about the future of lead AI, in the high school sports product and the high school sports market. I think. I think a lot of newsrooms are discovering that high school sports really matter.And that you don't need to put a person. You don't need to put a journalist on a High School sports gamein order to prove that you are really caring about your community.

I think one of the things that that newsrooms face this is kind of a stigma that I think a lot of newsrooms face. And it's just because of the industry, but I think they think that an article every article written by a human has equal value. That's not true. There are only so many Pulitzers, right, there are only so many people who went Pulitzers, and there are only so many Pulitzer Prize winning articles every single year or winning pieces every single year. And I think newsrooms have really started to understand that in order to make a true difference in your community in order to make a true difference in the minds of your readers, you really need the most amazing journalists in the world to write the most amazing content. And that computers can help supplement what the journalist does. The journalist doesn't need to be the be all in the end all the journalists can leverage

AI, the journalists can leverage automated content. That sounds like it was written by the journalists To help them do their job better because they get to focus on the things that matter the most high school sports matter and a community, people care. We know that because we're up to 57%. year over year when people can't go, we have 57% more people viewing our content every single day because people can't go to the game. High School Sports really matter. People think they don't they do. The readership cares. And journalists should be freed. To talk about the other things. They should be able to talk about the player who's overcoming adversity to lead their team to the state championship, or how the community rallied around a team that went from a losing season to State runner up, or how the community rallied around the two teams from the same county that went to the state championship game.

And I think newspapers are starting to really understand that. And the computers can help by writing game recaps, we can help by covering what happened at the game, you don't have to send a report to the game to cover the game, you can send a report to the game to cover the community to cover the player to cover the person not to cover the event. And so lead AI we have more customers than we've ever had before, which is just so exciting. We're doing more exciting stuff that I can't talk about yet than we have ever done before. I think the future for lead AI is far brighter than I had originally expected. And it's far brighter than it was three months ago and six months ago, when we were dealing with

shutdowns, downs. I'm really, really excited about Lita Think lead AI at the end of the day, I think lead AI will be not just a company that helped cover AI school sports. I think it will be a company that helped the media. understand where humans should be focused. I think lead AI will be a company that will help the media understand that not everything needs to be reported by human. And when humans do report things. Now you need to measure ROI. You need to measure how many page views you got. You need to measure how many clicks, how many ads were shown. How viral did it go, but when a computer writes it and your cost per article has decreased by like 30 X or 50 x 5,000% 3,000% write, that maybe you can figure out a way to achieve that return on investment faster. And

you can allow humans to do that journalism that is gonna win a Pulitzer, you can allow humans to the journalism that really changes the hearts and minds of the American people or of any population.

So I'm really excited about that. I think the future of lead AI is very bright, I think, real life where are we we have some great momentum, we're continuing forward. And people seem to be really enjoying the content that we're putting out. And that's just based off of how many people are reading it and how many people are coming back to read more.

Within lead AI as well say one more thing I was planning on saying this but also one more thing. We added a new feature this year and we call it internally we call it deep linking, but What it means is it means that if, if, if two teams played last year, so a rivalry game, for example, my high school St. Charles plays against their rival high school to sales every single year. And we've added a new component that says, Well, hey, if LEED AI published an article last year about the St. Charles against the sales game, then well, why don't we talk about that game in this year's article, and we can link back to last year's article, we can provide a deep link to last year's article and what we've discovered is that because we have now created a computer algorithm that can not only cover a sporting event, but it can also link back to previous coverage on the same website. That was also written by a computer and

our articles read so much better. I mean, the quality of the product just increases

So much I think I just think it's so compelling. What we have been able to pull off as a team. It's all credit to the developers on my team into the into my partner, my collaborator, Rick from source.

We we've really done something special with linking back to other automated content and now you're creating this mesh network of automated content.

Secondly, search. How are we doing on search search has been kind of the bane of my existence for a year.

We have an incredible product with search. This is just like, this is real life updates here. So I'm just going to tell it to you like it is we have an amazing product. We drive so much website traffic for our customers. It's hysterical. We drive so much website traffic for our customers, that honestly I have to go check the numbers again. My numbers get reported to me by my team

They say, Hey, here's how all of our clients are doing. And I look at these things I say, I cannot believe

we were so successful for our clients. I mean, all of them. We have clients that hand us terrible creative, that hand us terrible art, where we're sitting on the phone with them once a week or every other week saying, How can we help you get better content? How can we help you write more blog posts? How can we help you get better images or graphics to put on Pinterest, and we're still driving several hundred people to their website per month. I mean, I just I just adore the product that my team has built and the product that we have built, and how well we're able to execute the right way for our clients without spamming without doing anything shady, like bahding Pinterest, we're not buying Pinterest.

We're just really building community of building

We're building a community of right fit advocates, to click through to our customers websites to go through their checkout funnels to turn into customers. And I'm so excited about it. The problem is, is we've had a very difficult time figuring out how to tell the story. We've had a very difficult time figuring out how to scale our sales offering. We've had a very difficult time figuring out how we can attract new clients in a way

that is so compelling,

and so indispensable.

That it just like it's just the right thing to do. Um, and so we've tried lots of different methods. A lot of the experiments that I've run this year have been for to help us with that to help us tell a better story to help us demonstrate how much impact we can drive for our clients. And you know, when a client sign up

Our retention rate is just ridiculously high. Our retention rate is so good. I mean, we have clients staying with us for so long we've had clients for so long the same people. And when we ask them what feedback Do you have, it's, it's we just love what you're doing. It's, it's our clients love the service.

We just have a very difficult time getting new clients in the door. And so we have been successful over the last several months getting new clients in the door driving that website traffic that really helps us convert trials into customers or just helps us convert customers into advocates and advocates into testimonials. Right.

But we're just continuing to press on, you know, the

The important thing here is that with everything that we do, we learn and that's just how we've been that's how we've been doing.

Overall, it's been good though. I'm really happy with the progress that we've made in the search company. When the search business the search business is doing

Very well for our business. It's certainly been a great business opportunity. I'm glad that we followed it. I'm glad that we followed our hunch and we did it

we're just continuing to try to do a better try to do it with less energy try to do it in a smarter way get smarter money, not harder money and help more people.

I mean, it's really been a great product of Gosh, it's been good product.

Code, more things here, real life updates, and providing context to everything else that we do my journey.

My entrepreneurial journey, where am I at right now? What I have discovered

is that I love building amazing products and

if you listen back to how I talk about Lita, I talk about surge. I talk about them as amazing products. I love the impact that our products make. I love that with

We spend so much website traffic. using Pinterest. We build such amazing Pinterest brands for our clients that our clients call me asking if we've done something wrong. Because their Google Analytics look off, the numbers are too big.

Right? I love that with lead AI, we have a world class product and we continue to make it better by linking in articles by providing other products I've even talked about yet inside of lead AI by helping more people by expanding their coverage area by increasing our pageviews by 57%.

Right and doing it all effectively while the newsroom is asleep. Because our articles published about 11 o'clock every night.

I love building amazing products.

I don't love a lot of the activities that it takes to build amazing


I think products are the things that change people's lives. I think amazing products are what move the world forward. I think that in order to accomplish our goal of lowering the cost of food, the cost of water, the cost of energy, to the point where a family can feed themselves for a week on a day's pay,

family and poverty. I think that comes from amazing products. And amazing products need amazing businesses behind them. They need amazing machines that help get that product into as many people's hands as possible, ethically

by crushing the competitors by providing so much value that people can't possibly imagine that they could not have your product but I don't think

my skill set is building amazing businesses. I think that is the skill set of somebody else. And so I'm looking for that individual. I'm looking for somebody to come in and help me build an amazing business.

So that I can focus on changing the world by building amazing products.

My if I could spend every single day building the best products the world has ever seen, for writing newspaper articles,

or for building amazing Pinterest brands, or doing whatever else we're gonna do in the future. That would be happy, fun playtime to me. I mean, I that is something when I think when I am lying in bed at night, I am thinking about how could I figure out how to spend all of my waking hours building amazing products that help change people's lives.

I am not thinking about how can I How can I build amazing business

As machines, I'd like somebody else to do that. Somebody else who just loves doing that. And so real life updates, maybe I'll do this every 30 episodes, I don't know real life updates. That's what I'm thinking about right now is how can I bring in a CEO or a CEO or somebody who is really in love with building amazing businesses? To do that, for my business, while I build amazing products that help transform other people's businesses.

My personal life I'm happier healthier than ever before. I have a better relationship with my family with my friends with my girlfriend than ever before. I could not be happier than I am right now. I am calmer every day. I am more at peace every day. I'm enjoying life more every single day. And I think that is because of my outlook. I think my outlook

Right now I have not watched or read the news in months. I deleted Twitter several months ago. Um, and those two things, I think were really kind of muddying my outlook on the world. My outlook, as I have put myself into a bit more of a bubble is that I can see how the world is getting a lot better. I can see how, while we still have our problems, there are still things that need to be addressed, especially sooner rather than later.

Overall, people really care. And they are really doing their best and they're really trying to make a difference. And they're trying to make the difference that they think will help as many other people as possible. I think next year will be the best year of our lives by far. And then the year after that will be better than last year or not better than next year. And by October, I've published four books

I'm pumped about that. I love publishing books. I love the journey of a book idea all the way into book publishing. And I will publish four books by October. I'm on a journey for the next 25 years. I haven't talked about this with anybody yet, but except my like close friends and family. I'm on a journey for the next 25 years, I'm gonna write 100 books, and I will be on pace.

In my first year, my goal for my first year was to write two books. We will have published four. That is something that I am just ecstatic about. That is something that I think should be celebrated. And I'm going to celebrate it.

And so yeah, that's the context. That's the real life update. I hope everybody is

happy. I hope everybody is healthy. And I will chat with you all soon

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