• Evan Ryan

What Content Works on Pinterest?

I'm asked all the time. What content works best on Pinterest?

Maybe you're looking for Pinterest marketing tips. Maybe you're looking to use Pinterest for your digital marketing strategy. Maybe you're just looking around.

The long and the short of it is this: the best content on Pinterest is the most authentic content.

More often than not, we've had content that took an hour of editing and multiple iterations of copy-editing underperform a picture taken in 30 seconds with no editing.

We've had insurance content outperform fashion.

It's all about authenticity & connection with your audience.

Take a look below at some ways to orient your thinking for success on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine for inspiration. It does not rely on followers to show you content. What this means is that in order for me to see content on Pinterest, I do not need to follow anyone. My network does not need to post anything. Pinterest will ask what I am interested in and then they will show me what the photos are that are most relevant to what I am interested in.

I often ask clients and prospects “Do you ever get on Pinterest to have an escape for five minutes, and then find yourself still swiping on Pinterest 30 minutes later?” Every single time I’ve asked this question the answer has been “Yes.”

People use Pinterest to find new things. People use Pinterest to find new inspiration. People use Pinterest to find activities and items to buy that they think will make their life better. Just like you use Google or Bing to find information that you might think is useful, people use Pinterest to find activities or inspiration that they may think will make their life better. Oftentimes, it does make their life better.

Pinterest is about finding inspiration like Google is about finding information.

Think of Pinterest like a perfectly curated Google images feed. Imagine you open up a Google images app, and Google just knows what you want to see right from the moment that you open it up. That’s Pinterest.

On Facebook and Instagram, the primary purpose is to check in with your friends and people that you want to follow. On Google, it’s to find information. On Pinterest it’s to find inspiration.

The demographics of Pinterest?

As of Q3 2020, there are over 400 million people on Pinterest every month. Most of those individuals are women, but over the last several years, the trend line has been that more men are joining Pinterest. It used to be about 90% women, and now there are over 20% of the user population that is a men.

400 million may not seem like that many people compared to Facebook having over 1 billion users per month, but let’s put that into perspective. Two years ago, Pinterest had just over 200 million people on its platform every month. So, in a two-year timeframe, Pinterest has do