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What Content Works on Pinterest?

I'm asked all the time. What content works best on Pinterest?

Maybe you're looking for Pinterest marketing tips. Maybe you're looking to use Pinterest for your digital marketing strategy. Maybe you're just looking around.

The long and the short of it is this: the best content on Pinterest is the most authentic content.

More often than not, we've had content that took an hour of editing and multiple iterations of copy-editing underperform a picture taken in 30 seconds with no editing.

We've had insurance content outperform fashion.

It's all about authenticity & connection with your audience.

Take a look below at some ways to orient your thinking for success on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine for inspiration. It does not rely on followers to show you content. What this means is that in order for me to see content on Pinterest, I do not need to follow anyone. My network does not need to post anything. Pinterest will ask what I am interested in and then they will show me what the photos are that are most relevant to what I am interested in.

I often ask clients and prospects “Do you ever get on Pinterest to have an escape for five minutes, and then find yourself still swiping on Pinterest 30 minutes later?” Every single time I’ve asked this question the answer has been “Yes.”

People use Pinterest to find new things. People use Pinterest to find new inspiration. People use Pinterest to find activities and items to buy that they think will make their life better. Just like you use Google or Bing to find information that you might think is useful, people use Pinterest to find activities or inspiration that they may think will make their life better. Oftentimes, it does make their life better.

Pinterest is about finding inspiration like Google is about finding information.

Think of Pinterest like a perfectly curated Google images feed. Imagine you open up a Google images app, and Google just knows what you want to see right from the moment that you open it up. That’s Pinterest.

On Facebook and Instagram, the primary purpose is to check in with your friends and people that you want to follow. On Google, it’s to find information. On Pinterest it’s to find inspiration.

The demographics of Pinterest?

As of Q3 2020, there are over 400 million people on Pinterest every month. Most of those individuals are women, but over the last several years, the trend line has been that more men are joining Pinterest. It used to be about 90% women, and now there are over 20% of the user population that is a men.

400 million may not seem like that many people compared to Facebook having over 1 billion users per month, but let’s put that into perspective. Two years ago, Pinterest had just over 200 million people on its platform every month. So, in a two-year timeframe, Pinterest has doubled its number of users, and increased its percentage of users that are men.

Beyond this, Pinterest users are extraordinarily apt to buy. Recent studies have suggested that 98% of Pinterest users have tried something that they found on Pinterest. Now, does that mean that everybody has bought something? Absolutely not. But that does mean that Pinterest users are looking to take action from things that they find. Wouldn’t it be great if they took action to buy one of your products?

Along with the staggeringly large numbers, Pinterest users, on average, spent 39% more than non-Pinterest users. What this means is that your average car value will be 39% higher coming from Pinterest users and it will be from non-Pinterest users.

Sure, these numbers are impressive, but my favorite story about who is on Pinterest is anecdotal. Often times, when we talk to prospects or clients, I ask a very simple question

“do you ever get onto Pinterest for five minutes and then look up a half hour later and you have been swiping and mesmerized by the content on the platform? “Almost every single time I ask this question, the answer is an overwhelming “yes.”

It’s like, for the first time, users are able to quantify their known experiences on Pinterest. And they realize. That if they act like that on Pinterest, there are certainly other people who also act that way on Pinterest.

So, how many users are on Pinterest? 400 million per month. But the most important thing, is that when they’re on Pinterest they’re very engaged with the content that they see.

The demographics of your purchaser

This is dependent on you.

At Yavay, we feel that our best customers are just like us. These are people that have big ambition, they are unbelievably generous, they have a long-term vision, and they look to do business the right way.

Those people that we love to do business with also love doing business with us.

They share our values, they understand who we are, we understand who they are, and we share a common language. That's a language of being generous first period a language of serving the customer and serving your team.

Our customers range from 22 years old up to over the age of 50. We have customers that are men and that are women. We have customers that are from established business an from new startups. We have customers who have millions of dollars in revenue, and we have customers that have $3000 per month in revenue.

The commonality between every customer, are those unspoken values. They are the characteristics that drive the decision-making. They are the characteristics that drive the soul of the company.

For their clients, their client maybe new families. They may be Millennial women. They may be individuals with bad or broken credit period they may be parents looking for ways to keep their children entertained. They may be entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

The most important thing, however, is that you know your purchasers demographics. You understand who you are really looking to sell to, and you're very clear on who you are not going to sell too.

The most authentic content on Pinterest is the content that resonates best with your purchaser.

What’s your customer journey?

The last key for content interests really succeeding on Pinterest is not about content interests at all.

It is about your viewer’s journey.

once they get to your website, what is the experience like?

Does the experience feel seamless from Pinterest toward your site? Is the content on your site authentic like your Pinterest content is?

Does your website allow your visitor to get to know you even better?

Ultimately, there are content interests for everything. We have or are working with education, insurance, finance, bloggers, fashion, diet, e-commerce, vitamin supplements, parenting, social media marketing, and everything in between.

The clients who are the most successful are the clients that have a seamless experience between the Pinterest pen and the website content. They are the ones that allow the viewer to use the pen to get interested, and the website content become committed.

That website content can be a landing page, it can be a blog post, it could be a sales page or a page for a podcast. The most important thing is that it allows the viewer to get to know you , who you are, and what you stand for immediately.


At Yavay, we get thousands of new website visitors per month for our clients using just Pinterest. If you'd like our complete strategy, head to and get our free book. It's complete with our daily strategy, examples on how to create great pins fast, and best practices for converting those website visitors into customers.

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