• Evan Ryan

What Gives My Life a Lot of Purpose

You know, I just find my, my life has an awful lot of purpose when I'm growing. And so, last week, I didn't record any podcasts this week, I intend to make up for it. But last week, I had Strategic Coach Monday and Tuesday, I had a wonderful time with Dan Sullivan, with Shannon Waller with Christie chambers with the rest of the team. And I really just I learned a ton I learned so much. Last week on Monday and Tuesday about myself, I thought about my own thinking so much. It was so intense that I was basically a zombie Wednesday and Thursday. I mean, I showed up for only the things that were really, really important. And I put 150% of my energy into the things that were really important. And anything that could be pushed to this week I push to this week. It was really an amazing week. I can't wait to recap it with you. We're gonna recap it on this podcast. Welcome to Seconds and Cents Episode 35. So we're going to start with something new today. I've never done this before, but I'm calling it hot. Take headlines. So this is I'm just going to talk about my hot take towards the headlines that I found today on CNN business. I try not to go read the news. In fact, I've deleted the apple news. I've deleted all news apps from my phone. Um, I don't go to I don't go to any news websites. This is kind of a first for me going to see anything business and and probably 18 months or two years. But I think it's important to say that I do keep up with current events. I just don't read the news. I keep up with current events primarily in ways where somebody will talk to me if it is so important that people are talking to me about it, then it's probably something that I should look into at that point. Then I go look into things but for right now these are business headlines. These aren't political headlines, election headlines, Coronavirus, headlines anything else, I don't really want to talk about any of that stuff. But business headlines First of all, today, I'm recording this on Tuesday, October 13. There's an apple event today, people have pretty widely known that they're going to announce iPhone 12 I think this is a non issue. I think the fact that iPhone 12 is gonna have five g on it. It's a non issue. I think that we've gotten to a point here, everybody where people don't really care the features that the iPhone has, they care that iPhone connects with their iPad, it connects with their Mac, they care that they have an Apple Music subscription or that they can use iMessage. Although you can use my iMessage on Android with some app, I don't remember. I just I just don't think that the hardware really differentiates itself. I think the brand differentiates itself, I think yes, every year they make unbelievable advancements, the camera, I think the the advancement that they made to the camera a couple years ago, where you can change the depth of the background after the photo was taken is ridiculous. I think that is like the coolest feature that I have heard Apple come out with in a long time in terms of like a hardware on the iPhone type of thing. But to be honest with you here, I think there's this gonna be there's gonna be this apple event, I think they're gonna announce a blue phone, there might be some sort of a form factor change, it's going to have five G, there'll be there'll be updates to the camera. Maybe there'll be Touch ID and face ID I don't know. But ultimately, I think that they're just a ton of people, millions of people on the iPhone upgrade program, I'm one of them, which means I basically I pay my phone, I pay my phone on a monthly installment at zero percent interest. And then after 12 payments, I can upgrade my phone and get a new iPhone. And so really, I don't think that this is going to hold as much kind of


previous iPhone events did. I don't think it's because Steve Jobs isn't there anymore. I don't think it's because Phil Schiller has taken a smaller role at Apple, or Tim Cook doesn't really want to be on stage as often or they're shaking at shaking up their executive team or whatever. I just think that Apple's real innovation here was that they figured out how to get your iPhone as a as a service. They figured out how to really build the ecosystem between all the Apple devices to be so strong that to be honest with you, it's a real pain to leave. And I think they figured out that the thing with the iPhone is that the software differentiates the hardware. And the software here is not features like widgets. widgets aren't things that sell iPhones, widgets are things that Apple probably created two years ago or three years ago, and they threw in there because they decided you know, it'll be fun to ship this now. I think


thing that the software that differentiates the hardware for Apple is the connectivity. It's iCloud. It's the just the thing that makes it so that your devices sync seamless. Honestly, they just sink in the background and it just works like magic. So Apple event today, I think, are they going to make a zillion dollars off of this event? Yes, they are isn't going to be a huge deal that takes over all the headlines.

I doubt it.

The second hot take headline here, delta has allegedly said that they think it'll be up to two years for air travel to rebound. Breaking news. I don't think air travel will rebound. And let me tell you why I think that this whole pandemic here is really just a pull forward. I think this pandemic is just kind of accelerating trends that were already happening. And so delta saying, Oh, yeah, we expect air travel to resume in two years, I totally don't buy it. I just don't think business travel is gonna come back. I think business travel was a ton of airline travel. And I think that the business travel tool, or I guess the biggest trap competitor to business, travel is zoom. And I think that people are really, really interested in using zoom for replacing events and reflect replacing meetings, we're being there in person is not going to make a material difference. Sometimes being there in person will make a material difference. And right now, I think everybody is kind of working through that. I think everybody's a little more flexible. Do I think that air travel will increase from where it is right now? Absolutely. But do I think that business travel people just flying around the world every single week? Because that's just how they think business is done? is gonna is gonna happen all that often? No, I don't I just think that zoom is going to be an enormous replacement for that. I think zoom is doing the job well enough. I don't think that you're going to see people in VR doing VR meetings. I think that's like the most overhyped thing in the history of the world. But I think that you're going to see that zoom replaces a material portion of business, air travel, whether that's 10%, whether that's 5%, whether that's 20%. I don't know. But I think it'll be material, I think that there's a high likelihood here that the airlines have to raise their prices in order to get the revenue back. We'll see if the demand returns when the airlines raise their prices. But I, if I'm Delta, I think that it's going to be a tough, it's going to be tough decade or so. I also think that one of the things that's interesting here is the airlines historically have had this real competitive advantage, this is a super hot take this is coming stream of consciousness, the airlines have had this real competitive advantage and that the world had been trained that in person meetings were the best things that you could do, that's the best way to make a connection. And then the world retrained itself to be able to make a good enough connection. And to ask the question, Is this good enough with zoom. And I think because the airlines had such a competitive advantage, there are things like the customer service, there were things like these ridiculous like, ways that you board the airline where they have you get work your way all the way up to like level one status. And then they have like 25 different pre boarding things. And you know, your ticket doesn't transfer to this type of a flight or you can't go from international to domestic in this way, using this voucher right there all these different ridiculous customer service things with the major airlines and they were able to get away with that, I think you're gonna see that one of the differentiating factors for the airlines as the world kind of adjust to this new normal is going to be that customer service is going to play an enormous role. I think you're already seeing that with Southwest Southwest seems to be rebounding slightly better than a lot of the other airlines, at least from what I'm hearing. And so we'll see how that continues. But I think you can expect that there's a high likelihood that in two years, the airplanes will still not be full for all the flights, and so there will just be fewer flights. Delta and the other airlines will take old airplanes out of commission. They will kind of not rehire the amount of people that they had before there'll be fewer flights at higher rates and that's how they're going to be able to justify their revenue rebounding, but they're not going to have nearly as many travelers heartache headlines number three, um, YouTube set YouTube CEO won't say that they are censoring q anon. What's q anon? It's like this ridiculous conspiracy group that basically says that, like, all the world's elite are doing this like highly illegal activities and it's like the Illuminati on steroids from what I know.

To be honest w