• Evan Ryan

What is Pinterest, really?

Pinterest is one of the largest visual platforms that users can share images, videos, graphics and all kinds of content. Its format allows the user to organize, file and share pins.

Pinterest’s goal is to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.”

Very simply, Pinterest is a visual search engine or social network that is used by over 400 million active participants. Think old-fashioned cork board and push pins but easier, more convenient and millions of ideas and inspiration right at your finger-tips.

How Does It Work?

Pinners use Pinterest to save ideas, bookmark images from around the web and even connect with others. Pinterest is a way to collaborate with friends and teams but is typically a solitary activity that pinners use to help improve every aspect of their lives. Different from Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest isn’t a true social network where users present their own lives. Pinterest allows the user to find inspiration to create their best version.

You can use Pinterest as an online wishlist with a visual image of each item on your list. You can catalogue these pins according to priority, cost, color etc. Saving ideas or suggestions for a later time.

Think of Pinterest as a really well-curated Google images feed. Imagine if Google knew everything you wanted to see, right when you wanted to see it. That’s Pinterest. Followers don’t matter, although they may begin to matter more and more in the future.

What is a Pin?

Very simply, a pin is a visual image that represents an idea, a product or inspiration that the pinner saves for later use. A pin is an image typically with a link and a description. When a pinner clicks on the image, they are taken to the image creator’s website or blog post or product page that provides the full description.

Pins are ideas that people on Pinterest find and save from around the web. People can search them, save the ones they like and click on a pin to learn more. As a business, you can create a pin to exhibit ideas and products, you can link them back to your website. You can even promote your pins and use product images to create ads.

Examples of Pins in Desktop Preview

What is a Board?

Pinners create boards specific to the events, ideas and interests they may have. For instance, a pinner who is planning a 10th birthday party can create a board that they save pins to related to birthday party decorations, food ideas, presents etc. Boards give the pinner a way of organizing their pins to make them easily usable.

Boards can also be a great way to show other’s your business’ identity on Pinterest. Boards can show products you offer or what may inspire you. There are two ways to approach boards: as a source of distribution for your content and as a destination in and of itself, a place where people can go to explore an interest.


How Can Pinterest Work for You?