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Why Bloggers Crush it On Pinterest

Seconds and Cents Episode 27. Today we're going to talk about why all bloggers why I believe all bloggers should be absolutely crushing it on Pinterest. And this is because I think the bloggers have the best business model for Pinterest. But it's not for the reasons that you think so first, before we get into it, we really have to understand well, what is Pinterest? What does Pinterest do? Well, Pinterest takes inspiration, seeker inspiration secret and matches it with an inspiration source. That's it. So think about Pinterest is a search engine, for example, and think it let's talk about Google. So everybody understands Google. Everybody's used Google now for basically, however long they've been alive and able to use a tablet are able to use a computer. So

when you go to Google, you have a question. You're looking for information, right? And you go to Google and you type in your question into the search bar. Google then brings up all of the webpages that it thinks has the information in order to answer your question and the reason why everybody is

As Google is because Google does such a great job at ranking those pages based off of what's most helpful to answer your question, and what's least helpful to answer your question. So you could say in a way that Google takes an information seeker that's the person who's typing something into the search bar and matches it with the insert information source information source, and information secret like me, or like you, and then an information source, like a business or a blog, right? And it matches the two together. So if I'm looking for Pinterest marketing in 2020, well, you have a surge might come up as one of the reasons or one of the top blog posts for example on why to use Pinterest marketing in 2020. Also, so my Hootsuite also so my Neil Patel also so my Jenna Jenna Kutcher, right there, all these different information sources and these businesses, these people that put out information for free on their websites in order to

attract new people into their business and share their brand and share their message. The new people are the information seekers. They're the ones who want to know why you should use Pinterest marketing, for example. So let's kind of pivot this for a second to Well, what is Pinterest built for? What is Pinterest built for? That makes it different than Facebook and Instagram? Well, Pinterest is built for click through just like Google is built for click through meaning you get to the Google search results page. And then they want you to click into a different website. They don't want you to spend a bunch of time on Google. Ideally, you would click on the ads on Google. But let's say hypothetically, you don't click on the ads on Google, you click on whatever the first search result is, that's not an ad. That's what I typically end up doing. So you click on that first search result now you're on a different webpage, and Google desperately wants you to leave their search engine to go to a different webpage. Why? Because if you if you do that, you're more likely to come back and they can show you three more ads. Well, Pinterest is about

also built for click through, but Pinterest is built for inspiration click through. So Pinterest matches the inspiration seeker that's a user. That's somebody who's swiping on Pinterest for 1020 3040 150 minutes, right? And they match it with the inspiration source. And that could be a blogger that could be a business that could be another pinner, right? They're all different. People who post content. They're all different organizations, entities that post content onto Pinterest. And the reason why they do that is because they want to be a source of inspiration for other people. So just like people write blog posts or businesses write blog posts, in order to rank highly on Google, people in businesses create and distribute pins in order to rank highly on Pinterest. And just like when a user goes to Google, and Google desperately wants them to leave Google to find their best information source, right. People come to Pinterest and Pinterest desperately wants them to leave.

Pinterest to find their inspiration source. Pinterest desperately wants users to try something that they learned on Pinterest that they discovered on Pinterest. They want to connect the world with inspiration, right? That's part of their mission. And so people think of Pinterest like it's the social network, they think of Pinterest, like you need to acquire followers, like, it's like Facebook or Instagram, you have to post at the right times every day, you can post twice a day. And it's just totally not the case. Just like if I post a blog post right now, on my website, I'm probably not going to get a lot of readers for a week, two weeks, three weeks. And so I pushed out to my email list. And so Google starts to pick it up and starts to index it right. All of these different things well, Pinterest is the same way your followers aren't necessarily going to see your content immediately, although they might. But your real primary impact is going to be when somebody who doesn't know you exist, ends up finding you and they find you because you are an inspiration source for them. You made their life better and

Some way. So why do bloggers have such a great opportunity on Pinterest? Why do I believe that bloggers should be absolutely crushing on Pinterest and they should be driving as much website traffic as humanly possible to Pinterest. It's not subject matter. It's not that a lot of bloggers are health and fitness and lifestyle and fashion and kind of travel, right. It's not about the content that the bloggers are talking about, although the content does help, right. It's very, it's very inspirational to a lot of people who I could have this new outfit. Oh, I could be healthier. Oh, I could be traveling there. Right. It's mostly about the business of blogging, which is putting out content and putting out lots of content and putting out content that's really engaging, and I think bloggers, especially the ones who have 2000, plus Instagram followers, right, and they're continuing to write blog posts once a week or twice a week on their website. And now there's

To get 5000 10,000 hits per month onto their website, I think they're just absolutely built for it because their product, their product, which is content, which is Instagram posts, which is blog posts, right, which is just anything that you're adding to the website, which is discovering new things that you want to talk about with your audience. Your product matches perfectly with Pinterest. This is why one of the kind of target areas that we really love to work with it yabe is we love to work with bloggers because

their business is only amplified by Pinterest. They don't have to change a thing in order to crush it on Pinterest because they already have such a backlog of content. They already have such a backlog backlog of imagery of videos right of just great things to put onto Pinterest in order to be that inspiration source. So the bloggers here ended up being the inspiration source and then other people end up being the inspiration seeker. So now

You grow your following as a blogger, you grow your following because you use the same content that you had written 234 or five years ago, or that you wrote yesterday. Right? And you're repurposing it onto Pinterest, just like you would repurpose content onto a different website if you start a second website. So what is what makes a blogger so successful on Pinterest? What makes the opportunity for bloggers on Pinterest just so fantastic, in my opinion, and I think it's authentic content. You know, when we work with bloggers, and we've worked with a lot of them, the ones who have succeeded the most are the ones who are the least curious. They're the least staged. They're the most authentic. We had a we have a client who

we had a client who ended up changing her business but she was a fashion blogger for quite a long time and she took a photo. It took her 30 seconds to create. She was just holding her hair.

up, she, it took her 30 seconds to create and she posted it.

There was no editing, there's no nothing. Just 30 seconds boom, we put it out on Pinterest together.

She got 500 new website visitors in three days, because she had a really authentic photo. She had a really strong community on her Pinterest account we had spent together my team and she had spent six months building a really strong community building a really strong base of individuals who loved her content. So when we put out that really authentic piece of content with a great caption with a great headline, it really resonated with that community. She got 500 website visitors and three days, we had content. This is the same blogger we had content that we had posted in January of 2019. And we went back to check her analytics in February of 2020. And she was still getting over 100 new website visits

On that pin, every single month. So she's just getting new website traffic, new leads, new followers, new blog, subscribers, new email, subscribers, all these things based off of content that she had posted over a year ago. And it didn't take that long to create because she had a really strong community by working with us. And because she was being really authentic and true to herself as she was in the fashion space, she's no longer in the fashion space. So it doesn't necessarily apply, right, the community that's looking for fashion isn't gonna be the same community that's looking at our next that her that's looking at her next kind of venture. It might have some overlap, but it won't be a complete overlap. But when she had a really strong fashion community, she was really crushing it in fashion. I think the second thing that I think bloggers really should be taking note of and why I think that they should be absolutely crushing on Pinterest is because you can write a blog post in 15 minutes. I talked about this in a podcast last week. So I'm not going to go all the way into it. But

if you dig in

Take your podcast instead of Type your podcast, remember, we're separating here. When we talk about writing a blog post in 15 minutes, we're separating the idea that you have to be the taper of the blog post no being the author does not mean that you're the type or being the author means that you're the person who created the idea who took the idea and made it something that's pretty well formed. Right? And just like being the author is different from being the editor. And so as you dictate podcast as you come up with what your three to five most important things are, as I'm sorry, as you dictate blog posts, you come up with your three to five most important things, right, that you're going to talk about, and then you just allow Siri or you allow Cortana or you allow whatever, assistant to dictate what that is for you what you said, what happens is what we find what we're finding is that the blog posts end up being super relevant and super relatable and super authentic. Why? Well, because it's what your stream of consciousness thoughts were

That's what people really want. That's why people love question and answer sessions so much on YouTube or wherever else because you're not necessarily prepared for all the questions. And so your responses are much more real, they're much more authentic. Well, by dictating your blog posts, you have the ability to edit if you so choose. But you're going to find that the blog posts are so relatable that the content is just so relevant and so real because it's exactly what you are thinking that now your readership builds a stronger loyalty towards you. Okay, so let's take that even one step further. So you've written blog posts in 15 minutes, you as a blogger probably have a zillion photos and videos of yourself that you had created for Instagram and Facebook. Well, every time you match a new photo with a new link and caption and

headline, that's a new PIN. Okay, so if you have 1000 photos, you can link all 1000 photos to your new blog post.

So now every time that you pump out a blog post, whether it's two times a week or once a week or twice a month or five times a week, right, you can take all of your content and match it to that blog post, and you can send it out onto Pinterest. And Pinterest just loves it. Why? Because you're providing so many people, so many sources of inspiration. It's not spam on Pinterest, just like for my website, or for your website, you could write 100 blog posts in a day. You're not spamming Google, it's the exact same thing. So because if you can write 100 blog posts in a day, you're not spamming Google, you can publish 1520 2550 pins in a day, and you're not spamming Pinterest, as long as your content is real, as long as your content is relevant. As long as you're being authentic. And as long as you're being authentic. You're taking those photos that are really fast to take. They just feel right, right, you're not doing a bunch of extra editing. You're not plugging it into Canva for the exact same preset that everybody else is using. Yes, everybody

knows who used Canva you're like just taking the photo that seems the most real, you're doing the videos the most real, you're dictating your blog posts. So it's the most real, then Pinterest loves it, they eat it up your followers grow, your number of impressions grow, your number of engagements grow, and then ultimately the thing that really matters, how many website visitors did you get? That is what grows the lot by the largest percentage.

So let's talk about consistency. Let's talk about why I think bloggers again have an amazing opportunity on Pinterest. Well, it's because I think that bloggers are really in tuned to social media. It's part of their job. They're on Instagram every day liking other people's content. They're on Instagram, commenting, they're on Facebook, commenting, and so adding Pinterest isn't really that much. And really, what's exciting here is that you get to do what you would already do on Pinterest. You just get to do it for work. So you just get to do it to make money which is really

pinning other people's content, repenting other people's content 10 1520 times per day tells Pinterest This is who I am. This is what I believe in. And this is who I want to attract. Pinterest wants to attract people who will be inspired by you to you. So if your followers are down or if your impressions are down at zero or your engagements are down at zero, it's because Pinterest doesn't think that anybody's going to be inspired by you. Now, if you tell Pinterest, here's who I think will be inspired by me by repinning other people's content content that you love, right? Remember authenticity, content that you absolutely love. You'll be telling Pinterest This is more of the community that I'm trying to build. These are the types of people that I'm trying to inspire right in Pinterest will start to allow you to inspire them they will start to put you click higher up in the feed they'll start to show you to more people there when you start to get to 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 monthly viewers or impressions. Right. And so there are there is some hype here that says

Where people say don't repin other people's content, you're actually harming your Pinterest impressions, you're harming your analytics. You're kind of muddying your analytics. I don't buy the hype. I think we're playing a really long game here, the long game with Pinterest is that you have a real strong community of 1,000,002 million, 3 million people that are just desperate for your next piece of content because they know it's going to inspire them to have a better life or to add something into their life or to remove something from their life that will make their life infinitely better.

And then I think Lastly, why do I think that bloggers can absolutely crush it on Pinterest because you're really great at website analytics, you bloggers are really great at understanding how your website works and what's resonating and what's not, and what types of content people love. And you can take the Instagram content, the Pinterest content, the website content, you can mash it all together, and really figure out where your niches and how you're really resonating with your audience. And so you can take your conversion funnels that are on your website and you can measure and adjust those based off your traffic

Do you love the way that it's going great, don't touch it. Are you not happy with the way that it's going, Okay, now make an adjustment. And you'll have another hundred website visitors tomorrow to be able to test it on, right? You just start publishing pins to the new URL or you just update the existing URL. And you'll have more website visitors coming in absolutely every single day that allow you to measure and adjust your website traffic. So I love talking to bloggers, I love working with bloggers. We're going to be continuing to talk about this because I just think the opportunity for bloggers and Pinterest we haven't even talked about yet how bloggers can sell ads off of their Pinterest and just crush it how they can do sponsorships and collaborations and just crush it and make so much money. And so yeah, that's what we're going to continue to talk about here. Love it. Second incense happy ones Happy Monday. Oh my gosh. Have a great day, everybody.

The above is an AI transcription of Evan’s Seconds and Cents podcast.

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